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  • Kari

    I need help with level 55!!

  • Jack

    I need help with level 55

  • Courtney

    Me too!! Level 55 doors!

  • Jamie

    Left side up down up right side uP up down

  • Josiane Resende

    Preciso do nível 55!!!!

  • Geli

    Well then yall should go to door #55 not #58! I need help with door #58!

  • Oas

    i need the answer for #58

  • Josh

    Need help on level 57???

  • Josh

    I need help with 58?

  • Anika

    58 right to left. Count them out. And the order is 1 2 4 5 7 9 10

  • Dani

    I need help with 16.. It saids face your phone down but when I do it does NOTHING!!

  • eenstrom

    Finished with all 76 levels :)

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  • DD

    Need help with the secret door level 1

  • Bubbles

    I’m on door 28 & it doesn’t have balloons or volume. It has 3 circles on ea side of the door. Press them they turn green. Wats up that level?

  • Mard

    I am on level 28 and it doesn’t have volume I have 3 circles on each side of the door.  How do I get thru this level? I tried the volume controls but that didn’t work.


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