Problem with index.php/archives and index.php/category

We know that WordPress is most famous blog in the world, and the default link for WordPress is using /archives and /category.

But this make problems to those sites that are not using WordPress, like my site is using Phpwind.

Most of the search engine in the world will search for……

sometimes search for……

Many big site will use cache to store the sites that requested by user, and search engine too. So, something wrote appear to my Phpwind site.

It appear
Sometimes appear…

Here is the temporarily solutions for Phpwind, from version 7.3.2 to version 8. If you enable cache.

Edit the file

put in the code on line 2, after the < ?

$block_uri[0] = 'archives';
$block_uri[1] = 'category';
foreach ($block_uri as $uri) {
if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $uri)) {

Now, all the request to……

Will redirect to
So, now you just delete all the cache, clean up, then regenerate the cache, all the wrong path won’t be appear anymore.

Update (2010/09/12)

I modified into this to run better.


$block_uri[0] = 'index.php/';

foreach ($block_uri as $uri) {

if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $uri)) {





You may add to your index.php.

But I added in global.php

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