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Font Quiz Answers – Brand 2

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  • Dannii Ho :D

    Hi, very good website. It really helped! However, there is no television cheats? Please upload some if possible! Thanks! :D xx
    Dannii Ho :D xoxo

  • sha

    are there any answers for the bands catergories

  • Phil Smith

    Are you going to upload the Band answers?

  • Tiff

    Yes band answers please

  • PhillipLongUK

    I would also like Band answers

  • Tim

    Band answers in order:
    Abba, Motorhead, AC DC, Metallica, Nirvana,
    Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Kiss, Sex Pistols, Slayer,
    Maroon 5, Iron Maiden, Korn, Led Zeppelin, Oasis,
    Def Leppard, Greenday, The Who, Nine Inch Nails, Spice Girls,
    Weezer, Muse, Beach Boys, Rancid,
    Misfits, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Van Halen, Offspring,
    Killers, Wu Tang Clan, Monkees, Clash, Doors,
    Slipknot, Aerosmith, Gorillaz, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blink 182.

  • Ian

    You’re missing the bands level dumbfuck

  • Jake

    It’s Beatles on misfits

  • TwsiteD

    read it you ‘ dumbfuck’ …….. or cant you distinguish between each page

  • Its beatles in between Muse and Beach Boys =)

  • kallum

    this is a good logo font quiz

  • Kathryn

    Heros is wrong it is not acepting it an television help ?

  • Kathryn

    Heros is wrong it is not acepting it an television help ?

  • Anna

    Because heros is actually spelt Heroes

  • Jamie

    Where are the Brands 3 answers?


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