Secret Menu in Honda Civic 2007 2011 2 01

Secret Menu in Honda Civic 2007-2011

Secret Menu for Diagnostic System Version

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To enter the Diagnostic Version Menu, you have to Press and hold the 4 button and 6 button of your radio, and then push the PWR ( Power Button ). The LCD screen will display DIAG, means you are entering to the Diagnostic Mode.

Model Menu

This is displaying the Model of your Radio. MNHK507A is the model serial number for this spare part.

Main VER Menu

This is the Main Version of this ROM, it is version 0996.


This is the EEPROM ( Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory ). Maybe the ROM of this hardware can be flashed ? Can be upgraded ? But nobody will go to flash it if it is working fine. It is displaying that the version is 1000. That means is it correctly.

DSP Menu

This is about Digital Signal Processor, it is displaying in DSP = FLAT.
You can change it by pressing ‘4’ again for 5 seconds++, you can see DSL = OFF
The sound base will be different, this should try, but at your own risk.

CD Menu

This is displaying the Compact Disc information.

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Secret Menu in Honda Civic 2007 2011 3 01

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