100 Exits Walkthrough, Cheat and Hints

Last updated on November 30th, 2012 at 01:39 am

100 Exits Level 29

  1. The previous version contains bugs
  2. Many of the Youtube solution asked you to touch the ADS button
  3. If you purchase this Apps, the ADS button will disappear
  4. So, their way cannot solve this LEVEL
  5. The correct way to solve this level
  6. You have to Double Press your iPhone HOME button
  7. Then you can see the App ICON appear on your Phone
  8. Then touch back the 100 Exits screen ( Do not touch other Apps )
  9. Then you can see the NO ENTRY going disappear
  10. Do this for 4 times, until all NO ENTRY disappear
  11. Then you can open the door and enter

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100 Exits Level 29

For Android version

  • You need to touch the button in the screen then Home button of your phone quickly ( within 1 second )
  • Then touch the 100 Exits Game App again enter back to the game
  • for few times, all the No-entry sign will gone

100 Exits Level 29 Android