100 Floors Season Tower Walkthrough

100 Floors Season Tower Walkthrough for Android

Last updated on November 24th, 2012 at 11:09 pm

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100 Floors Season Tower Level 12

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100 Floors Season Level 12


30 thoughts on “100 Floors Season Tower Walkthrough for Android”

  1. I don’t understand how you know which numbers to change into other numbers??? Can someone please explain how they switch the numbers around? Does not make sense

  2. Ok thanks I understand number 7 now, but I am on number 15 now and wondering if the symbols on the floor mean anything or if I am reading into it too much?

  3. This is totally different to what I see all I have is a few blank squares with a couple of letters and that’s it.how am I ment to suss it out? I have no numbers that u keep talking about. If I could share the pic I would

  4. Anyone else’s game not saving? Went to level 5 now I have to start over again. The game has done it a few times to me.

  5. I have letters and blank boxes too… Apparently, the blanks boxes and letters represent an alphabetic keyboard. So you need to type in the word “Halloween” by figuring out what letters would be in blank boxes as well as using the letters given! Actually it isn’t that hard finding the letters to make up that words, except even after that, the bloody door isn’t opening! Idk what’s wrong!!!

  6. Okay. Nobody is answering the question. Halloween is spelled out and the door will not open. Tried shaking, lying flat, pushing up and sideways. It still will not open.

  7. Tapping the + button is using your phone’s vol. up button. You know how the – button is, right?

  8. Why will no one answer the questions? What do you do after you spell out Halloween in the first level?

  9. This was terrible. It’s like someone just three a bunch of crap together and left out the problem solving on most of these levels.

  10. Idk wat to do on level 11
    I mean seriously u need words not just stupid tap sighns
    I mean i am stuck here!!

  11. No I’m have ing the same problem as Ann… I typed it in correctly I even did a box-by-box walkthrough… I just can’t get the doors to open

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