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How to import rss feed to facebook page.

I found a better way to transfer your rss feed to facebook, and I’m using it now for my website. Here is the step for all of it. Register and use feedburner.com to load your RSS / Feed / Atom.

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Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0

Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0 Install QQFarm for PhpWind 8.0 怎样安装 QFarm 于 PhpWind 8.0 The author of phpYe.QFarm 4.9 Final Build 20100906.1600(PW)is from phpYe. If you want to download the source code of files, you have to be a

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PHP Warning: Division by zero in ~/public_html/forums/cn/template/wind/thread.htm on line 14

[04-Sep-2010 13:46:24] PHP Warning:  Division by zero in ~/public_html/forums/cn/template/wind/thread.htm on line 14 I’ve received this bug. Just make sure the value is not equal to zero, then it won’t be divided by it. <!– EOT; $tmpCount=0; $idp = 100/$db_txtadnum; foreach

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Problem with index.php/archives and index.php/category

We know that WordPress is most famous blog in the world, and the default link for WordPress is using /archives and /category. But this make problems to those sites that are not using WordPress, like my site is using Phpwind.

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[Solved]Locked table in MySQL

InnoDB Supports transactions, row-level locking, and foreign keys MyISAM Default engine as of MySQL 3.23 with great performance

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