Emerald Oil Company

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Morakot Industries Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s leading manufactures of cooking oil and food ingredients from palms, soybean, and sunflower seeds, was established on 24 October, 1981 y a group of Malaysian and Thai investors under the name of ThaiMax Industries Co., Ltd. It had received a promotion from the Board of Investment (BOI) …

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Thai Rung Union Car

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Thai Rung Union Car ThaiRung (Thai: ไทยรุ่ง) is the only Thai-based automobile manufacturer, established in 1967, assembling Isuzu, Nissan, and Chevrolet vehicles. In addition to assembly business, TRU manufacture its own brand car, under the name Thairung (also called TR), based on other small and medium truck platform. The company is listed on the Stock …

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Thai Style Tangyuan

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Thai Style Tangyuan Tāngyuán is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water. Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. They are traditionally eaten during Yuanxiao, or the …

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Sunset in Koh Chang

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Sunset in Koh Chang One of the sunset in Koh Chang. Koh Chang Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island, and the biggest in Eastern Thailand. With about 5,000 permanent residents the island is not heavily populated, but tourism (and development) has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Beer Chang Export Trucks

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Beer Chang Export Trucks Chang Beer took place with the visionary outlook of the top executives to expand the beer market with a Thai taste albeit with international quality, to give the consumers an alternative with the fervent belief in the brewing and production capability of the Thais. With its attractive taste and a price …

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