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Google Maps with Waze Social Alerts

Google Maps Integrating Waze Alerts

Google Maps integrated Waze Alerts   After two months of acquisition, Google decided to integrate Waze’s Traffic Alert into Google Maps as reported by RumorsCity. At the same time, Waze would be getting Google Search, Street View and Satellite Images.

iOS 7 Beta 7 Released to Developers

iOS 7 beta 6 Reportedly Coming Next Week Before Golden Master

iOS 7 Beta 7   The final beta version of iOS 7 has been seeded and scheduled to be launched today at 1pm EDT as noted from RumorsCity. This would be followed by the gold master version for internal groups and partners before the final public release which is expected on September.

iPhone 5S coming in Gold

iPhone 5S with less Gold and more towards Champagne

Champagne iPhone 5S With the amount of rumors suggesting a Gold iPhone, RumorsCity reports that Apple is likely to release the Gold iPhone 5S with the color toned down to a more subtle “champagne”, to be more precise. Perhaps to distinguish from the speculated lower-end iPhone 5C and enticing enough for an upgrade from it’s …

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Specs, Features, Price And Release Date of iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2 Enters Production

iPad Mini 2   The iPad Mini created quite a rage when it first released, specially with its lower price tag and its ultra slim bezels. With everyone, eyeing the next generation of the iPad mini, we heard from RumorsCity that iPad Mini 2 is in production and will come with Retina display.

AT&T’s Galaxy Mega 6.3 Heading to USA

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Image Leak With ATT Branding

Galaxy Mega 6.3 Today, RumorsCity shared a leaked photo suggesting that the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is heading to the US. The device has been available for some time in Europe and Asia, soon this gigantic phablet will be available to the states and branded by AT&T.

Golden iPhone 5S ?

Gold iPhone 5S Shown Off in Pictures 01

Gold iPhone 5S There have been rumors floating around regarding a Golden iPhone 5S, now there’s pictures at RumorsCity which suggests the same. Though it’s difficult to affirm the genuineness given the logo has been erased. But nonetheless, it does not look like an after-market process. So if the rumor claims true, we would be …

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