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Samsung Galaxy S7 Secret Codes List And Secret Specs

Maybe you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7 today, now we found the secret code for you that you can access to your cell phone firmware, check IMEI, GPS test, full reset, display Wifi Mac Address, LCD test, and

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Infinite Pics Answers

Infinite Pics Cheats We have solved all the levels of this game, you can beat this game easily by using our walkthrough, every category have 100 levels, you have to touch the screen to open a part of the picture.

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EmojiNation Answers

EmojiNation Answers EmojiNation Answers, Cheat, Solution for Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Indonesia, Italiano, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nederlands, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnam all languages, all levels with the best answers. Download EmojiNation iPhone | | iPad | Android EmojiNation Review One of the Best Emoji Guess

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How to download free Line stickers from other countries on Android

How to download free Line stickers from other countries on Android Line is a free instant messaging app for smartphones and PCs with over 200 million users worldwide.   Every Tuesday, Line launches free Line stickers for various countries. Let’s

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Minuum for Android : designed for sloppy typist

Minuum Keyboard   If you are not comfortable with the default Android Keyboard, there are no shortage of alternative keyboards for the Android platform. Today, RumorsCity introduced a new variant called the Minuum Keyboard. The Minuum looks less like a keyboard

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Home screen replacement for Android : Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher Pro   Google’s default home screen is quite basic. Well, that’s why there are home screen replacements. RumorsCity reviewed a launcher, the Apex Launcher Pro which is highly customizable. For instance it allows for customizable grids, scrollable dock as

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Google updated Nexus 7 to address multitouch issues

Nexus 7 Update   Report from RumorsCity indicated that many Nexus 7 users are encountering an issue with their screen on multitouch. With the number of complaints piling up, Google released an update to resolve the problem.

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Ubuntu Edge’s Record High Crowdfunding Campaign Failed to Reach Target

Ubuntu Edge   Canonical’s crowdfunding campaign came to an end today. Despite the campaign ending record high, the campaign missed it’s $32 million target by more than $19 million. All the money will now be returned to backers.

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Google Maps with Waze Social Alerts

Google Maps integrated Waze Alerts   After two months of acquisition, Google decided to integrate Waze’s Traffic Alert into Google Maps as reported by RumorsCity. At the same time, Waze would be getting Google Search, Street View and Satellite Images.

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T3’s Concept of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch The RumorsCity shows that the Samsung Galaxy Gear Concept Video from the folks at T3 go as far as making a concept video on the upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It certainly looks promising and we hope Samsung

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