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Justin Soo is a self-employed Web Development Consultant Specializing, Social Media Content Strategist, Professional Blogger and Computer Engineer. He previous experience in Web Development, Programming, Linux System, MySQL Database. G+ F T In

Why You Should Never Ever Buy XiaoMi Products ?

I’m not happy with their product, that’s why I write this article to let you know the service and the service policy of their product. If you are using their product and is working fine, then you are good luck. If there is any problem with their product, you are in big trouble.

IV Calculator for Pokémon Go

We are introducing the most advanced IV Calculator for Pokémon Go from pghack.com. IV Calculator for Pokémon Go to Calculate the Attack, Defense, Stamina Individual Value of every Pokémon you have. You can input the Best HP, Best Attack, Best Defense and HP Equal Attack, Defense equal HP, HP equal Stamina to get the most …

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