Pokemon Go IV Calculator

IV Calculator for Pokémon Go

We are introducing the most advanced IV Calculator for Pokémon Go from pghack.com.
IV Calculator for Pokémon Go to Calculate the Attack, Defense, Stamina Individual Value of every Pokémon you have. You can input the Best HP, Best Attack, Best Defense and HP Equal Attack, Defense equal HP, HP equal Stamina to get the most accurate combination of your Pokémon.

IV Calculator by pghack.com

You can start and free using now IV Calculator for Pokémon Go

Example Screenshots of IV Calculator for Pokémon Go


Why should we use the IV Calculator ?

Stardust for Pokémon Go is limited, if you invest upgrade to a low IV, weak Pokémon, it is a wasted. The IV will affect every attack and every defense you made while fighting in Gym. Always calculate the IV of Pokémon before you upgrade using stardust.

Will I get ban if I use IV Calculator

Absolutely Not, because we do not need any login or download any IPA, APK apps to your phone, that’s why we choose web app.

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