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Guess The Emoji Level 101 – 120 Answers

We have solved all the latest level 101 to 120 of the game Guess The Emoji by Conversion. If you haven’t download this famous game, you can download the Guess The Emoji now, it is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Kindle and other devices. Have Fun!

Guess The Emoji Level 101 –

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Infinite Pics Answers

Infinite Pics Cheats

We have solved all the levels of this game, you can beat this game easily by using our walkthrough, every category have 100 levels, you have to touch the screen to open a part of the picture. With our answers, you can just type in the answer without open the picture and gain the highest points for the game.

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EmojiNation Answers

EmojiNation Answers

EmojiNation Answers, Cheat, Solution for Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Indonesia, Italiano, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nederlands, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnam all languages, all levels with the best answers.

Download EmojiNation

iPhone | | iPad | Android

EmojiNation Review

One of the Best Emoji Guess game that come with many languages and support iPhone,

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100 Floors World Tour Walkthrough

100 Floors World Tour Walkthrough

100 Floors World Tour Egypt, Japan, UK, USA Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions and explanation for every levels in the game.

100 Floors World Tour

Escape again! Try new 100 Floors World Tour! Thanks to Tobi Apps for bringing us so much of nice escape games!

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How to download free Line stickers from other countries on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices

How to download free Line stickers from other countries on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices


Line is a free instant messaging app for smartphones and PCs with over 200 million users worldwide.


Every Tuesday, Line launches free Line stickers for various countries.

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Hollow Words Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hollow Words

Hollow Words is a words scramble game that developed by James Porter and you have to guess what is the logo or the text in the picture talk about. You have few letters to help from the bottom and you just need to key in the letter to guess out the phrase and words from there.

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Hi Guess the Food Level 12,13,14,15,16 Answers Updated

Hi Guess the Food

Now it’s time to guess the food brand!

From the creators of the #1 apps “Hi Guess the Brand” and “Hi Guess the Movie”.

Are you ready for hundreds of food puzzles? Can you recognize them all?

Download Hi Guess the Food

If you haven’t download this game,

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How to Cheat in Wordly using Wordly Solver

Wordly Game by Scopely

Wordly, Claim as many letters as you can by finding words, rule the board, and beat your opponent. More fun than your mother’s word game. Wordly By Scopely, Top Free Apps and Games LLC

Download Wordly for iOS

How to using Wordly solver to cheat in Wordly

  1. Open your browser to Wordly Solver by
  2. Start a game with your friend,

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Apple’s Siri giving snide remarks, mocking Google Glass

Siri’s opinion on Google Glass

Siri does not like Google Glass


RumorsCity discovered that when you ask Siri about Google Glass, she is well prepared. But the remarks might not be quite pleasant. Some of the response includes :

  • I think that Glass is half empty
  • Glass.

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Apple bugged Find My iPhone app by updating it to iOS 7

Find My iPhone app

Find My iPhone updated for iOS 7, only for developers

Apple released an update for the app Find My iPhone which was only intended for developers but mistakenly opened it for public. RumorsCity reports that many are encountering a problem where they can’t log-in to the updated Find My iPhone app without a developer’s account.

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