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Why You Should Never Ever Buy XiaoMi Products ?

I’m not happy with their product, that’s why I write this article to let you know the service and the service policy of their product. If you are using their product and is working fine, then you are good luck. If there is any problem with their product, you are in big trouble.

MacBook Pro 2013 vs MacBook Air with Haswell chip

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air Both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are great laptop. The Air being more lightweight, striking a balance between portability and performance. The Pro is a professional machine with more powerful specs and features, performing better at gaming and graphics work. RumorsCity compares the Air and Pro model more in depth …

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Flow 10×10 Mania Solutions

Flow 10×10 Mania Solutions Flow Free 10×10 Mania Solutions, Answers, Cheats for 150 levels with screenshots. All solution with perfect score without wrong way or shortcut. Flow 10×10 Mania Solutions Flow 10×10 Mania Level 1 Flow 10×10 Mania Level 2 Flow 10×10 Mania Level 3 Flow 10×10 Mania Level 4 Flow 10×10 Mania Level 5 …

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Starbucks Drive Thru

Starbucks Drive Thru Starbucks has opened a new drive-thru shop in Bangkok, Thailand, in this year. It is located along the highway in Samut Sakorn, Bangkok. And I think it will be opening at 24 hours, since there are no 24 hours Starbucks shop in Thailand, and this busy highway will make this open for …

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