How to run Windows Phone 7 on iPhone ?

How to run Windows Phone 7 on iPhone ?

Since you are looking the way to run Windows 7 on your iPhone, here is a trick that can run Windows Phone 7 demo on your iPhone to cheat your friends or for fun. It do support touch screen and drag some contents.


How to run it ?

Open Browser from your iPhone ( Safari or other browser that support full screen in iPhone )

Run the website from here.

Then show to your friends.

The Real

iPhone or Apple Inc. is using different hardware than Windows Mobile Phone, That’s why impossible to run on it, unless have some geek people modify the kernel to port the OS to iPhone hardware. But it is useless, because maybe not fully function and cannot get the fully performance.

Actually this is the demo sites from Microsoft, that write the Windows Mobile Phone 7 Demo in HTMl 5, it is fast and smooth.


Have Fun !

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