How I check if my website is blocked by China ?

How I check if my website is blocked by China ?

One of my customer is using hosting from USA, and making a Chinese related forum that need to be accessed by people form China. But the day launch, they mass email to their customers for the registration. But all of the people from China can’t access they website, because China blocked some of the IP address from

You can check by using the way below.

So, make sure the project that you host for customer is not blocked by those countries that your customer need. If not after your project up, you need to spend a lot of time to change the hosting and move the data around them.

Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China.
Check if your website or feed is blocked in China.
Find Out If Your WebSite Blocked In China Or Not ?
Check If Your Website Is Blocked By China Firewall.
find out if website is blocked in China.

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