May 2011

Thai Typewriter


Thai old style typewriter from Olympia. According to Sarit Pattajoti (1966), the first English typewriters imported for use in Thailand were those made by Hammond and Remington. Not until 1891 was the first Thai typewriter invented by Edwin Hunter, the second son of Samuel Gamble Macfarland, an American missionary despatched to Bangkok. Edwin Hunter was …

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My dinner – Cricket


This is my dinner tonight, Cricket. You want to try ? They are boiled and ready for eat. It is selling for around 80 Baht / KG in here. Some info from wiki: Crickets, family Gryllidae (also known as “true crickets”), are insects somewhat related to grasshoppers, and more closely related to katydids or bush …

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Check Linux HDD using smartmontools

Linux penguin

I’m using CentOS, and I would like to check any READ / WRITE RAW error in my hard disk or not. I like to check it often to prevent any data lost. to Install, [root@server src]# yum install smartmontools [adrotate banner=”2″] If run, using smartctl