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Badly Drawn Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Badly Drawn Faces

Sharpy is a narwhal. Narwhals can’t draw. No one ever let Sharpy know that.

Badly Drawn Faces is a new game from Sporcle that presents you with famous faces and celebrities all drawn by Sharpy. Guess the name of the face and earn fish. Some faces are instantly recognizable and others might be tricky. Need a hint? Feed Sharpy some fish and he will give you a clue; or ask your friends for help.

Points are achieved for guessing the faces correctly and bonus points are given if you can do it before the image is completely drawn. Compare your scores on Game Center and go easy on Sharpy, it’s hard to draw without thumbs.

From actors to directors to fictional characters to sports personalities and more – there are over 450 faces to guess. How many do you know?

Badly Drawn Faces Review

One of the famous faces guessing quiz for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. The artist drawn more than 450 faces for you to guess. Some faces are ugly and un-guessable, but we have tried our best to solve all the faces in this game.
We have screenshots all and sort nicely for you to answers and gain the best score, wish this could help you on this game.
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Badly Drawn Download

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Symbian

Badly Drawn Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Badly Drawn Faces App Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod, solutions included Krill Pad, Algae Pad, Plankton Pad, Shrimp Pad, Cuttlefish Pad, Squid Pad
Flatfish Pad, God Pad, Halibut Pad, Capelin Pad, Wolffish Pad, Sea Lion Pad.

Badly Drawn Answers

  1. Algae Pad Answers
  2. Krill Pad Answers
  3. Plankton Pad Answers
  4. Shrimp Pad Answers
  5. Cuttlefish Pad Answers
  6. Squid Pad Answers
  7. Flatfish Pad Answers
  8. God Pad Answers
  9. Halibut Pad Answers
  10. Capelin Pad Answers
  11. Wolffish Pad Answers
  12. Sea Lion Pad Answers

Algae Pad Answers

1 Algae Pad Answers

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  • Algae Pad Answers
  • Krill Pad Answers
  • Plankton Pad Answers
  • Shrimp Pad Answers
  • Cuttlefish Pad Answers
  • Squid Pad Answers
  • Flatfish Pad Answers
  • God Pad Answers
  • Halibut Pad Answers
  • Capelin Pad Answers
  • Wolffish Pad Answers
  • Sea Lion Pad Answers


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