Impossible Test Answers

Impossible Test Answers for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android

Last updated on November 24th, 2012 at 10:44 pm

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Impossible Test

Do people make fun of you? Are they laughing with you, or at you? Do you think you can swipe, tilt, drag, shake and tap your way to victory? Get The Impossible Test and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to prove them wrong!

Play The Impossible Test and race to finish first! Complete many interactive levels that will challenge your mind! Compete with others to get the fastest time, and get an A on your report card!

Impossible Test Review

One of the Top 10 Game in iTunes, I’m sure you are impossible to finish all the levels in perfect answers. That’s why I would like to share the solutions that give you the fastest way to solve all the levels and get the highest point in the game.

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Impossible Test Download

Download: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Windows Phone | Android | Blackberry | Symbian

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Impossible Test Answers

  1. Touch the red light
  2. Tap the enemy
  3. Touch 5 Blade
  4. Touch the north magnet
  5. Touch the biggest cloud
  6. Touch the green water droplet to continue
  7. Pop the balloons from right to left
  8. Drag the bubble to the non-square
  9. Tap the money in this order: 5(top right),25,10,5(bottom left)
  10. Tap the different image
  11. Tap the blue square
  12. Drag everything to the black hole
  13. Touch orange, green, blue, then red
  14. Cut the wood
  15. Touch the diamond
  16. Touch the penguin egg
  17. Complete the sentence
  18. This side up
  19. Touch green, yellow, then red
  20. Remember this guy
  21. Tap the not non-red ninja stars
  22. Fill the bucket with water
  23. Touch the targets
  24. Press the green circle to not-advance
  25. Pop the ballons from bottom to top
  26. Quickly! touch the south magnet!
  27. Put the chocolate chips back
  28. Touch green,orange,red, then blue
  29. Touch the different image
  30. Break the ice to save the penguin
  31. Destroy the enemy
  32. Tap the money so the total sum = 55
  33. Which way was the blue guy looking?
  34. Tap the targets in descending order
  35. Good thing you remembered
  36. How many times did the light go on/off?
  37. Touch the primary coloured ballons
  38. Light all the candles; tap to light them
  39. Move the electric coil
  40. Do the opposite of question 1
  41. Tap to continue
  42. Replace the bulb with the brightest one
  43. You complete the game
  44. Touch the wrong one, it’s actually right
  45. Get the 2nd person back
  46. Open the lock using the right key
  47. Touch hearts, clubs, diamonds, then spades
  48. Answer the message
  49. Tap the light switch
  50. Destroy the enemy (no tapping)
  51. Sunny went to cool school; what did he not look like?
  52. Pick the correct one
  53. Don’t not press the button
  54. Recharge the battery
  55. Defuse the bomb!
  56. Follow instructions
  57. Come back at 2:00 to see a special surprise! OFF AIR
  58. Lift the weight;tap to lift it
  59. What is this?
  60. Spin the windmill
  61. Take 5 pizzas
  62. Follow the instructions
  63. Color in the square
  64. How many craters did the moon have?
  65. You fail
  66. Tap the cherry
  67. Create an e-email
  68. Assemble the burger using the ingredients you were told earlier
  69. Hold still for 5 seconds
  70. Tap the spork
  71. Touch the lollipops in alphabetical order
  72. Turn off the flashlight
  73. Take a picture
  74. Develop the picture
  75. Defend from the attack!

Impossible Test Level 1


Impossible Test Answers Level 1


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  1. 64 is wrong…it’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet….it’s the colors of the rainbow

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