Flow Mania 8×8 Solutions

Flow Mania 8×8 Solutions

Perfect Solution for 150 levels of Flow 8×8 Mania. Never stack the colors line for every levels.

Flow 8×8 Mania Solutions for every levels

Flow 8×8 Mania Level 1

Next Level

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  • Jenn

    You are missing levels 118 & 119. This page is showing the solution for 120. All the rest of your solutions are actually 2 levels off because of this.

  • Thank you very much for inform us, we have updated the mistake level.

  • Esther

    I was trying to cheap but this is not the same level 22 8×8

  • John

    You know that you don’t need to hold the last move for the screen shot right? When the dialogue box pops press anywhere on screen to hide it so you can show a properly complete game board.

  • JohnJamesSmith

    It’s hard to see this bc you take the screenshot while still holding the last move. Simply win. Click anywhere off screen to hide dialogue to take better screen shot.


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