Songkran Festival 2010 in Khlung Chanthaburi Thailand 2553

Songkran Festival 2010 in Khlung Chanthaburi Thailand สงกรานต์ ขลุง จันทบุรี 2553 350 KM from Bangkok, Thailand.

This video I put in my hard disk almost a year and forget to publish. I just found out and do editing just now. This video was taking in Khlung, Chanthaburi, Thailand during Songkran Festival 2010. The main day of the Songkran is on April 13 every year, but in Khlung they celebrate on the day April 15 every year. Most of the people are from Chanthaburi, Trat, Rayong, even some of them from Bangkok. Khlung is a small town that on the way to Trat from Chanthaburi.

สงกรานต์, ขลุง, จันทบุรี, 2553, 2010, 2554, 2011, Songkran Festival,Khlung, Chanthaburi, Thailand, Bangkok

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