Ancient Chinese Tangram Level 1 9

Ancient Chinese Tangram Puzzle Answers

Ancient Chinese Tangram Puzzle

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Tangram is a geometric puzzle that was brought from China to Europe in the early 1800s.

Europeans were so crazy about it that it became a huge hit!

It’s easy to play Tangram: simply arrange all seven pieces so that they fit perfectly into the graphic.

Drag each piece with your finger, and rotate it left and right until it fits. This app offers lots of different problems,ranging from easy to difficult, so everyone from kids to adults is thoroughly entertained. It’s a well-known fact that Tangram is great for kids’ developing brains-and that it gets them ready for geometry.

It keeps us adults on our toes, too!

Ancient Chinese Tangram Review

This game is very relaxed and can spend up your free time. It is suitable for kids too, to use their logic mind for their brain. It is simple to play.
Just touch the Tangram wooden piece, and touch on the Arrow to rotate left or right. Then Tap and hold the Tangram wooden piece to fill in the empty space there.
Once your answer is correct, it will show that, “You did it!”

Then you can go for next level.

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Ancient Chinese Tangram Puzzle Answers

This is something like cheat, you should try your best before viewing the answers in here. If not you will take away the fun of this game. I’ve combined the 9 levels in one page, so you no need to tap/click so much of pages.

Ancient Chinese Tangram Answers Level 1-9

Ancient Chinese Tangram Level 1 9

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