Mobai room 1 Walkthrough

Mobai Room 1

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You are trapped in a locked room!
Solve the mysteries and escape from the room!

Tap to examine.
Drag to use an item.
Tap an item to examine it.

Hints to escape
Examine everything unusual!
Find the items to get out the room!
The important thing is combining the items!

About this App
This App is ported from Flash.
It’s simple for light users and there are no complicated things such as secret codes.

Mobai Room 1 Review

This is a very old game, it was very famous during 2006 with flash version. But it also appear in App Store during 7 Sep 2011.
It is quite a good game, I re-introduce again in here because some people like to play this kind of game like the recent top app, 100 floors and dooors.

Some more many new iPhone users never play this game before, so you can download and play with this game.

Even the graphic is not so nice, but it is bug free and smooth to play.

Download Mobai Room 1

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod

Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Bed

Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Bed
Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Ladder
Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Cupboard
Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Top
Mobai Room 1 Walkthrough – Door

  1. Pick up the Pen under your pillow
  2. Pickup the Crowbar under the bed

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