Why no iPhone 5 ?

Last updated on October 6th, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Why no iPhone 5 ?

From the beginning until now, Apple Inc. never announce the name of the product on the event would be ‘iphone 5’.
The name of the iPhone 5 are getting from media, newspaper, internet, all rumors, and those Apple fans thought that it is real and trust that the name this phone is called ‘iPhone 5’.

I know, many of them feel very disappointed after see this annoucement.

You can see the video of Apple – Introducing iPhone 4S
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30% of them click dislike.

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So, what is the reason that no Iphone 5 annoucement on this time ?

  • Launching iPhone 4Gs, Apple Inc. can earn more money with the old design and some same technology, and drag the life span of the technology since the iPhone 4 is powerful enough.
  • Apple Inc. could have more time to design and develop the iPhone 5 in future.
  • No matter what product they release, their fans will make a few days long que to buy the first release product, so they no need to worry about iPhone 4s or iPhone 5.
  • They are busying with Samsung, Apple has sued Samsung in dozens of countries in three continents on accusations that Samsung devices are imitating the design and functionality of the iPhone and iPad. Samsung is the company that provide the chips, RAM and some part for the iPhone, iPad with contract, maybe this will slow it down.
  • iPhone 5 is not released because the iOS 5 is not fully released yet.
  • Their competitors do not threaten much to Apple Inc. during this period.
  • Because Steve Job is going to pass away.
  • Qualcomm’s 28nm MDM9615 arriving in Q2 2012, because they need the iPhone 5 LTE. Read


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