Impossible Test Space Answers

Impossible Test Space Answers

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The Impossible Test Space

Looking for something to keep you busy for hours? The Impossible Test – SPACE is what you need! Tap, drag, shake, tilt, and swipe your way to victory!

Impossible Test Space Review

Impossible Test Space Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android by PixelCube Studios.
All levels explained with screenshots. Fastest way to solve the game and finish the game.

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Download Impossible Test Space

Download: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Symbian

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Impossible Test Space Answers

  1. Memorize and tap anywhere to continue
  2. Turn off gravity
  3. Touch the blue stars from top to bottom
  4. Create a comet
  5. Shoot 3 aliens
  6. Tap the planets from left to right
  7. Turn on gravity
  8. Create a planet
  9. Guide the space monkey to the exit
  10. Teleport the astronaut
  11. Dismantle the telescope
  12. Push the button inside the rocket
  13. Touch the shooting star
  14. Create a flaming meteor
  15. Stop the invasion!
  16. How many corners did the red stars have?
  17. How many shooting stars passed by?
  18. Capture the sheep
  19. How many parts were on the telescope?
  20. How many circles are in the planet?
  21. Escape from the moon
  22. Touch the fastest spinning star
  23. Align the satellites
  24. Destroy the star to create a black hole
  25. Drag everything to the black hole
  26. Activate the robot
  27. Activate the force field within 3
  28. Fill up the fuel in the space station
  29. Colour in the moon
  30. How many stars were on the background?

Impossible Test – Memorize and tap anywhere to continue

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Impossible Test Space Level 1


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