AirAsia Plain Text password

AirAsia is using plain text password

Last updated on May 1st, 2012 at 06:13 pm

AirAsia is using plain text password. It is really a bad security in AirAsia system. Make sure that you people do not use that password same with your high security password, like email or bank account login.
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I just request the password from AirAsia today, I thought they will send me a link to change the password, but not !! They send me the original password with plain text, no encryption.
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AirAsia Plain Text password

Don’t you feel that it is unsecure ? It is a listed company in Malaysia, and workers more than a thousand. The password may easily get read from some of the workers. Most of the users like to use the same password for multiple sites, so I suggest do not use the same password with AirAsia, once someone got your password, they may try to access to your email or other sites what you login, because they can search your username in Google.

Inside the AirAsia system, they do allow use to store the credit card number inside. Your credit card number maybe leak out too.

Just be secured, do not use the same password with the login with AirAsia. That’s what you can do.

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1 thought on “AirAsia is using plain text password”

  1. They also use non-encrypted links for online check-in… where you are required to enter all your personal information! terrible.

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