Malaysia police man failed

Malaysia Police Man Failed

Malaysia Police use force and handcuff to my friend because of selling tortoise in Pasar Malam ( Night Market )

Malaysia police man failed
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Stupid Policeman from Buntung Police Station
by Jason Tan on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 4:57am
Today really a bit JOke in First Gdn pasar malam….2 Jokers Policeman come to my stall and told me that selling tortoise is illegal and asking for my IC n need to follow them back to BUNTung police station … if i refuse they will use force n handcuff me back to police station ….[ugut] what big crime that i have done to be handcuff me ..really joker … upon reaching Buntung police station the officer in charge said it not an offence selling tortoise … but they will call Jabatan Haiwan ppl to verify the tortoise n i have to wait sometime for them to verify the tortoise unless if u want to go now give them some kopi money !!!!!!! wow that what 1 Malaysia policeman asking openly for kopi money for the offence that i have never done ….. so daring !!!!!!!!!!!! these incident in pasar malam been witness by so many traders n public n now it become LAughing Stock …hahahahahhahahaa …really big JOkers Of PDRM

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