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Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:33 am

  • Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0
  • Install QQFarm for PhpWind 8.0
  • 怎样安装 QFarm 于 PhpWind 8.0

The author of phpYe.QFarm 4.9 Final Build 20100906.1600(PW)is from phpYe. If you want to download the source code of files, you have to be a register member, but they allow for invite only.

But you can download from here.


qqfarm nc

qqfarm mc
phpYe.QFarm 4.9 Final Build 20100906.1600(PW)

After download, just upload to your ‘hack’ directory in phpwind

and make sure the path ./hack/qqfarm/core/data/ is writable.

Then use PhpMyAdmin to run the sql.txt from the path ./hack/qqfarm/sql.txt

Then enable the 插件 ( Hack ) from the admin page.

After install successfully, sometimes may see some messy code come out, maybe it is the problem of gbk / utf-8.

If the script cannot detect your site is running gbk or utf-8

You can modify by editing ./hack/qqfarm/index.php

$qf_charset = $charset == 'gbk' ? 'gbk' : 'utf-8';

change to $qf_charset = $charset == 'gbk'; ( if you are using gbk )

or $qf_charset = $charset == 'utf-8'; ( if you are using utf-8 )

If you have any error, please remove all files and upload again. I’ve installed successfully and running in

http://forums.perak.org/cn/hack.php?H_name=qqfarm ( You need to register to preview )

I’ve done by transfer the old 开心农场 happyfarm V1.2 to this version.

I think most of the version like

  • happyfarm V1.2
  • happyfarm V1.0
  • 11rpfarm
  • qqfarm
  • 运气农场3.4

database structure also almost same, but need to converted.

I’ve installed successfully in PhpWind 8.0.