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Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:33 am

  • Install QFarm for PhpWind 8.0
  • Install QQFarm for PhpWind 8.0
  • 怎样安装 QFarm 于 PhpWind 8.0

The author of phpYe.QFarm 4.9 Final Build 20100906.1600(PW)is from phpYe. If you want to download the source code of files, you have to be a register member, but they allow for invite only.

But you can download from here.


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qqfarm nc

qqfarm mc
phpYe.QFarm 4.9 Final Build 20100906.1600(PW)

After download, just upload to your ‘hack’ directory in phpwind

and make sure the path ./hack/qqfarm/core/data/ is writable.

Then use PhpMyAdmin to run the sql.txt from the path ./hack/qqfarm/sql.txt

Then enable the 插件 ( Hack ) from the admin page.

After install successfully, sometimes may see some messy code come out, maybe it is the problem of gbk / utf-8.

If the script cannot detect your site is running gbk or utf-8

You can modify by editing ./hack/qqfarm/index.php

$qf_charset = $charset == 'gbk' ? 'gbk' : 'utf-8';

change to $qf_charset = $charset == 'gbk'; ( if you are using gbk )

or $qf_charset = $charset == 'utf-8'; ( if you are using utf-8 )

If you have any error, please remove all files and upload again. I’ve installed successfully and running in

http://forums.perak.org/cn/hack.php?H_name=qqfarm ( You need to register to preview )

I’ve done by transfer the old 开心农场 happyfarm V1.2 to this version.

I think most of the version like

  • happyfarm V1.2
  • happyfarm V1.0
  • 11rpfarm
  • qqfarm
  • 运气农场3.4

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database structure also almost same, but need to converted.

I’ve installed successfully in PhpWind 8.0.


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