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Instagram Hashtags Cheat and Tips

Last updated on September 6th, 2013 at 12:08 pm

Instagram Hashtags Cheat and Tips

If you have playing with Instagram for a while, you will know that it is impossible to put more than 30 Hashtags.
You may call this as Instagram Hashtags Cheat Sheet.
And I would like to share to you that where and how to get the best Hashtags for Instagram.
This will help you easy to share your photos to more people in Instagram.

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Prepare and Choose Top Best Instagram Hashtags

You can find the Top Instagram Hashtags from here // Choose the one related to your photo and can be used for many times.
For Example :
#picoftheday, #bestoftheday, #igdaily, #beautiful, #fashion, #pretty, #blue, #picstitch, #ignation, #10likes, #followme, #20likes, #iphonography, #iphonegraphy, #style,
#gf_daily, #insta, #color, #earlybird, #2012, #instalove, #instagramer, #15likes, #friend, #thailand, #model, #lovely, #iphoneasia, #instaphoto, #25likes,

They are so general, so you can put it on most of your photos. You can prepare more than 30 Hashtags.

Copy and Paste then Save Hashtags in Notes

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Always save the Hashtags in your Notes, so it can be reusable many times without re-typing it.

You can Copy and Paste the Notes by touching the texts up to 3 seconds, the menu will come out, and you can select the Hashtag to copy.
And, switch to Instagram then past into the comment.

How to put more than 30 Hashtags in photo in Instagram ?

If you put more than 30 tags, it will display
Error: Sorry, this media already has too many tags attched ( maximum:30)

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Like the photo above, so I found this way to put more than 30 Hashtags. It is to DELETE it after your Tags listed for a while.

Slide to Delete the old HashTag

Slide to Delete

You can go in to the photo post in Instagram, tap on the Comment and try to slide your old Tags, and the DELETE button will appear.

Why put more than 30 Hashtags ?

Once you put your photos in Hashtags, people who are searching the hashtags, it will display your photo, maybe they will start following you by there. But because of too much users, your photos will push to the bottom of the Hashtag page, and it doesn’t have value anymore, nobody will next for so much of next page. So, it is the time to change your Hashtags to another name, Delete it and Put the new one, and other users will have more chance to see your photos.