How to import rss feed to facebook page.

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:32 am

I found a better way to transfer your rss feed to facebook, and I’m using it now for my website.
Here is the step for all of it.

  1. Register and use to load your RSS / Feed / Atom.
  2. Inside feedburner, use the Publicize … Socialize … Add Twitter Account …
  3. And then add Twitter Application in facebook.
  4. Link the Twitter with the Facebook, and choose the Page that you want to post to.

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Why do we use feedburner ? Because feedburner can do optimize our rss feed or maybe can customize the output result.

Inside feedburner, it do support Twitter only at this time. I remember last time it do have facebook, but has been removed recently.

Link the Twitter Application to facebook could bring the feed to your personal post or choose any of your Page in facebook. You may have few Pages, then you can link each Twitter, each Pages. I’m sure you would like to seperate the Twitter account if you have few websites.

Why not just using the Facebook Note to import the RSS ? It is slow, and some of the code they not support. If use the Twitter, it gives a short link, so those visitor will come to your sites too. ( Isn’t that you need more hits / visitors to your site ? )

Here is the link that I’ve done.

From Phpwind ( sure you can any blog or any forum that have rss feed )

Linked to

and feedburner post to Twitter.

finally into here
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Thank you.


5 thoughts on “How to import rss feed to facebook page.”

  1. Great, so simple and useful! I spend whole day looking for HTML way to do this.
    Just one thing I don’t like – can not display images on the RSS page on FB. Any idea how to add a picture?

    Thanks for this tip!


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