icloud photostream not updating on windows

Photo Stream not updating on PC

Photostream not updating on PC

I’ve been using the iCloud Photo Stream with my PC for few months already. It work fine every time, but suddenly not work for today. No matter I open the iCloud and setting again, the folder do not update and sync from iPhone or iPad anymore.

Solved Solution

I’m assuming that the your iCloud Photo Stream is working before, but not working at this time and you’ve been tried resetting in the iCloud.

Use Explorer to open the Photo Stream Folder.
The default location normally in C:\Users\Juz\Pictures\Photo Stream\My Photo Stream
I’ve changed mine to F:\Photo\Photo Stream Download

Right click the folder, and click Propeties

icloud photostream not updating on windows

You can see the Read-Only has been checked.

So, you just need to Un-Check the Read Only, and click OK.

Your photos from iPhone / iPad will transfer to your PC automatically again.

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