Why my IRIS. is not working ?

Why my IRIS. is not working ?

In Android, IRIS. or any Voice Search Apps, need the Google Voice Search Apps to work on it. If you are not in US, you need to download the separate .apk to install.

What is IRIS.


It is Siri backwards. Follow the SIRI apps from Apple Inc. Iris, which was amazingly completed in 8 hours by Android dev Narayan Babu and his team at Dexetra

Download and Install

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To download the Google Voice Search, and installing, you can follow this tutorial in here.

To install IRIS. just search iris from your Google Market in your Android Device.

Or from the market directly. IRIS
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  1. yep..there is a guide available whn u press the menu button of ur cellphone.. u wil get all the instructions there.. good day! :)

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