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Where to download Google Voice Search 2.1.4 apk ?

Where to download Google Voice Search 2.1.4 apk ?

If you are living outside of US, Google Market do not allow you to download Google Voice Search for your Android.
So you are not able to play with IRIS or Speaktoit Assistant or similar Apple iPhone SIRI Apps.

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Search and Download

You can search google for “Voice_Search_2.1.4.apk” to download.
Or by using this link.

Some of the files in internet, but I’m not sure is it working or not.

Direct Download Links


Installing Voice_Search_2.1.4.apk

After you download, follow the step to install.
plugin your USB from PC to your Android Device
enable USB Storage on your Android Device.
Copy Voice_Search_2.1.4.apk to your Android Device SDcard.
Eject the SDcard from your PC and Un-share the USB storage from your Android Device.

You must enable the Unknown Sources from your Application Settings, to set it
Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources -> Enable it.

Then back to main menu,
Enter to File Manager
Press on Voice_Search_2.1.4.apk to install.

After install, you can use those software now.

Working version

Now I can use my old Samsung Spica I5700 on Android version 2.3.7 for IRIS and Speaktoit Assistant now.