Dota Language Meaning

Last updated on January 1st, 2012 at 07:53 pm

These are those language they use in Gerena Dota game.

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Normally I stay in Singapore room, because have better ping, it is below 90ms after tunnel, so it won’t feel delay or spiky. They have stable internet connection better than Malaysia. And I know Streamyx is never stable for everyone in Malaysia. So I won’t join there.
But sometimes I also join to Thailand room, because they are playing not bad too.

I try to translate some of their short form they use in Dota.

Here are those meaning of those words they often use.
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Singapore Version

top = top or left
mid = middle or center
btm/bot = bottom or right
ms = missing
g = gone
** normally they use like this,
top g, bot g, mid g or g/ms
solo = go alone
cmi = cannot make it
lj = lanjiao
tw = tower
smlj = si mi lanjiao
fk = fuck
omg = oh my god
wth = what the hell
wtf = what the fuck
hu wan = who want ?
jk = joke
n1 = nice
ps = pai seh
nvm = never mind
ty/tq = thank you
thx = thanks
ff = free farm
cb = cibai
lmfao = Laughing My Fat Ass Off
w8 = welcome back
pls = please
nub = noob
noob = newbie of the game.
ps = embarrased (used as an apology)
lj (lan jiao) = dick
liao = already
cb (chee bye) = vagina
ccb (chao chee bye) = stinky vagina
pcb (phua chee bye) = damn smelly cunt
zai = powerful
abit = a bit
aiya = yeah
bo lampa = no balls!
buey gan = useless
cfm = confirmed
cmi = cannot make it
chio = cute
chiong = attack
hao = good
heng = lucky
hoot = kick the crap out of
humji = no balls/coward
jiuming = help
kenna = get
kpkb = kao peh kao bu = talk too much (offensive)
knn = kan ni na (bei) = fuck your mom, literally means look your mother
kns = kenna sai = stepped on shit
kum lan = sucks cock
jie = thx
oi = Hey
pcc = pak chiu chiang = masturbate
sia = is (abortion abom zai sia)
sian = bored
siao = angry / crazy / mad
si bei = very
smd = tmd = ti ma de = suck my dick
talk cock = brag
tio = got
wah lau = wow!
whack = attack, hit
imba = imbalance
afk = away from keyboard
rm = remake
rmk = remake
eos = eye of skadi
hot = heart of tarrasque ( item )
hotd = head of the dominator ( item )
ms = moving speed
wp = well played
MoM = Mask of Madness ( Item )
tunnel = a function that make ip with ip connect together in gerena ( can be click in the name list )
knn = kan ni neh
cb liao = ci bai liao ( rude )
bo lan jiao = no dick
PKHKC = Pokaihamkhachan ( rude )
ggwp = good game well player
GG = During tournament, when an opponent type out GG, he/she means they are admitting defeat, GG should only be used when the game ends and when you want to leave.
PP = Pull Plug

Thailand Version

r = right, could be use as r0 r1 r2 r3 r4 r5
L = left, could be use as L0 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
c = center, could be use as c0 c1 c2 c3 c4 c5
0 = all gone and left 0 hero.
5555 = hahahaha
5+ = something like give me five.
ror = wait
+ = attack ( looks like a sword )
her = ( scold in bad language )
kak = something like noob
net kak = internet connection no good or not stable.
man kak = he is noob
pai = go
arai wa = what the
mai ru = don’t know
su = fight
pow = yes/no?
su pow = fight or not ?
q = kill

If you have more information about this, please leave a comment to here.
Thank you.



12 thoughts on “Dota Language Meaning”

  1. thailand version
    kuy = p*n*s
    mang = it
    sus = animal
    mung = you
    sus hack = bad language for people who uses hack map
    por =enough or father (depend on situation if you’re angry or insulting some one it’s father but if you don’t won’t to play it’s enough)
    kwai = stupid
    tum rai wa = what are u doing

  2. Thai ver.
    b = back , retreat
    L1-5, C1-5, R1-5 = enemy spot in the lane

    example ; L2 = Spot 2 enemy in Left(Upper Left) Lane
    ; C0 = No Enemy in Center(Middle) Lane

  3. talk cock = is NOT brag

    talk cock = talk which is useless and nonsensical

    tcss = talk cock, sing song (again…talk which is meaningless, just lots of annoying, useless noise)

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