Fastest Car In The World – Transtar Dagger GT

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:47 am

It is the fastest car in the world currently. 0 to 100km/h in 1.5 seconds. And it is is up to 2000 HP !

It do have few models.

You can visit the official website in here

Dagger No Wing.15

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TranStar Racing has announced three “Race” models, or ‘variants’, as follows:

  • Dagger GT-R will be our road racing model, with a dynamic, computer-managed split rear wing, set up to challenge and establish new lap records at Virginia International Raceway and at Nurburgring, Germany.
  • Dagger GT-LS will be our land-speed model with 500 mph rated M/T landspeed tires, front-end ballast, full bellypan with twin venturi tunnels, land-speed wheel covers, intake aero plugs, parachute, Bonneville rollcage and a range of other options to help our buyers set new landspeed records in excess of 300 mph. Options will include landspeed instrumentation/avionics packages, windshield options and other possibilities.
  • Dagger GT-D will be our drag racing model with Goodyear Pro Stock Slicks, hydraulic-launched double drag chutes, NHRA rollcage and a modified/changeable rear suspension that will enable 200 mph in the quarter mile for our friends who love to drag race.

TranStar Racing will continue to offer our Sport and Luxury street-legal models:

  • Dagger GT-S will be our “Sport” model, a street-legal version of the GT-R model. The owner can specify his/her suspension preference. This is our ‘base’ model starting at $450,000.
  • Dagger GT-X will be our luxury model with all the interior luxuries imaginable and specified by the owner. Suspension may be soft, sport or race, as preferred by the owner.

Here is the specification of this model.

Weight to horsepower ratio 1.5:1 (est.) new supercar record
Acceleration 0-60 mph under 1.5 seconds (calculated)* new supercar record
1/4 mile ET 6.6 seconds @ 204 mph (calculated)* new supercar record
Top Speed 314 mph (calculated)* new supercar record
60-0 mph Braking Distance < 100 feet (est)
Fuel Consumption @ 300mph 4 gallons per minute (approx)
Time to empty @ 300 mph < 6 minutes (est)
Time between milemarkers @ 300+ mph < 12 seconds (calculated)*
0-100-0 < 10.0 seconds (est)
Slalom > 70 mph (est)
Skidpad > 1.05 g (est)
Car & Driver “Lightning Lap” at VIR < 2:45.9 (est) new record
0-60-0 < 4.0 seconds (goal)
Optional NHRA Drag Chutes (2) JEGS pneumatic launch w/dual chute removable mount, w/ safety release and locking pin/tag; pilot chute.
Optional Bonneville single chute JEGS pneumatic launch w/removable mount, safety release and locking pin/tag; pilot chute.
Style GT-R Supercar, Removable Hardtop Convertible/Roadster
Class Class 7 Unlimited / Unrestricted (Outlaw)
Application Race and Street
Race Applications Unlimited/unrestricted road racing, Bonneville, and NHRA Drag Racing
Wheelbase 106″
Length 192″
Width 84″
Height 44″
Curb Weight 3000 lbs. (est)
Weight Distribution 60% rear and 40% front (+/-)
Ground Clearance 4.0″ Base, adjustable to (from cockpit) 2.5” (slammed) or 5.5”
Track Rear: 54″ with 15″ wide wheels; Front 58″ w/13″ wide wheels
Body Material Carbon Fiber (buyer’s choice)/polycarbonate windows/glass windshield
Doors RacinX (Lambo-style) Skydoors with dual gas shocks, chromoly and 4 adjustable points; Keyless entry 90 degree vertical ‘Lambo-style’ opening doors.
Windows, side mirrors, doors, seats Powered
Center dash mirror Hands-free Bluetooth mirror with backup warning system.
Window and bumper materials Polycarbonate and polyurethane respectively
Air conditioning Vintage Air Gen IV
Drag Coefficient (Cd) < 0.26 (design objective)
Aerodynamics Ground effects design; reduced frontal area; plugs for land–speed runs; rear diffusers and strakes; custom, adjustable F1 style carbon fiber wing with stabilizer-style supports
Frontal Area 21 s.f.
Belly pan Complete flat aluminum belly pan with rear Venturi tunnels/diffusers and strakes.
Spoilers and Wings Front Spoiler, rear diffusers, and strakes. AeroMotions’ Dynamic Wing™ (S2 model) split wing with programmable, push-button, variable geometry and total weight of 11.5 pounds. Features in-cabin controller, F-15 aircraft-style stabilizer uprights, Formula 1 styling, carbon fiber, plus Titanium internal structures.
Optional wings Custom, detachable NHRA and Bonneville wings optional
Headroom 38″
Design Manikin 95th percentile SAE design manikin
Seat width 2 x 21″
Leg Room 47.5″
Seatback Adjustment 25 degrees
Seat Travel 6″
Drag Area 5.46 sf (est)
Type Nelson Racing Engines polished, aluminum BBC Twin Turbo 572
Compression Ratio 8.8 : 1
Bore x Stroke 4.5″ bore x 4.5″ stroke
Power bhp 2000 bhp on racing fuel mix; 1300 hp on pump gas
Torque ft-lbs 2000 ft-lbs on racing fuel; 1335 ft-lbs on pump gas
Displacement cu in 572 c.i.
Block Dart Aluminum 10.2 Billet Cap 4.5 Bore Block
Crankshaft Callies Magnum 4340 Forged 4.5
Connecting Rods Oliver 4340 Forged 4.5
Pistons JE Forged Pistons, 180 tool steel pins
Rings Hellfire
Bearings Clevite H  series
Valvetrain Mechanical roller camshaft, 904 size roller lifters, T&D shaft rockers
Cylinder heads Brodix Big Duke 500+ CFM Inconel Ex valves Titanium intakes
Induction Hogan sheetmetal intake with monoblade, 1700 CFM throttlebody, dual injectors per cylinder
Head Gaskets Cometic Street Pro Multi-layer stainless steel-304 viton rubber-coated
Fastners ARP
Oil System Billet Fabrication aluminum oil pan with HV pump and pickup
Wastegates/Blow-off Valves Tial (2)
Harmonic Damper SFI approved steel damper
Turbos Twin 80MM Turbonetics Tang; water-cooled ball bearings
Intercooler Twin water-to-air Dagger GT custom intercoolers
Cooling systems AMS Performance CBRD GT-R lightweight alum. racing radiators (2)
Valve Covers Billet Fabrication sheetmetal billet rails
Fuel Capacity 26.4 gal. (100L) primary tank plus 13,2 (50L) racing fuel tank
Fuel Management Electromotive Lap Top Programmable
Fuel Lines and Vacuum Lines Stainless steel hardlines mandrel bent
Fuel System Multi-fuel (race gas/methanol/pump gas) system; Aeromotive Fuel Pump and Filters
Octane on Demand Dual multifuel injectors; cockpit control of fuel mix and flow rate
Exhaust headers 321 Stainless steel tubular Ex headers
Exhaust system Rear exit Stainless steel quad 3″ pipes with electronic cutouts
Cutouts (optional) Quicktime Performance twin electronic cutouts; CNC 6061 Aircraft aluminum body and motor plate, stainless steel butterfly plate/shaft, hi-torque gear-drive motor and hi-temp steel gears.
Cutout Management System (optional) QTP Cockpit Controller with infinite range of pushbutton partially open-close settings. 2 memory presets, status display, fault detection, auto open/close,
Mufflers Flowmaster 70s with 3-chamber aluminized steel, compact, super-quiet with tunable e-cutouts
Catalytic Converters 4 double-packed custom Eastern Catalytic stainless steel metallic bullet 79130s
Ignition 60-2 crank trigger with 4 ignition coils
Redline RPM 6200 rpm
Oil SAE 5W/30 Synthetic racing
Engine finish All polished
Heat Management Ceramic coating of headers and exterior housings of turbos
Boost Controller Time, map or gear-based 6-stage electronic controller and gauge
Oil pump System Canton Racing Products 24-150 Accusump
Oil Cooling System
  • Turbo After Oiler
  • Canton Racing 22-724 remote oil cooler; brazed aluminum, high-flow,  anti-clog
Electronics Custom Azentek onboard computer system; touch screen 9″ dash-mounted monitor; infotainment/nav system, vehicle/engine diagnostics, Dolby Surroundsound, voice recognition software, 120 GB, DVD/CD player, MP 3, Windows Vista, Internet WiFi, satellite radio, PC card, Bluetooth, and more; weapons management/target acquisition and auto-fire control system optional.
Gauges Revolution custom Dagger GT Gauges: Water temp, Boost, Transaxle oil temp, Oil temp, Oil press, Fuel press, Fuel levels, Speed, Tach, Exhaust temp. horsepower gauge, 300 mph speedometer, voltage meter.
Speedometer 300 mph GPS custom Revolution Gauge: 4-inch, with hot-start satellite acquisition
Tachometer Revolution Gauges custom tach with shift light
Backup Video Feed Sony model SMC1085T 150-degree view, waterproof, with nightvision, mirrored image, 420 TV-line resolution; automatic engagement.
Headlamps Dual Hella bi-xenon 6omm SAE 12V; polycarbonate covers
Taillights/running lights LL Tek super-bright LEDs
Preliminary Base Price $400,000+  depending on buyer’s custom specifications
Layout Mid-Engine, RWD
Transmission Custom 300 mph 6-speed Mendeola Transaxle
Gear Ratios Six speed gearbox will be based around a 3.31 ring and pinion. It will be drysump designed with individual gear fog oiling; each gear will have a windage basket to alleviate oil foaming at top speeds. Mendeola gear ratios as follows:

  • 1st gear will be – 3.45: 50mph @6200 rpm
  • 2nd gear will be – 2.31: 75mph @ 6200 rpm
  • 3rd gear will be – 1.59: 109mph @6200 rpm
  • 4th gear will be – 1.12: 154mph @6200 rpm /75 mph @3000 rpm
  • 5th gear will be – 0.80: 216mph @ 6200 rpm /75 mph @2150 rpm
  • 6th gear will be – 0.56: 308mph @6200 rpm /75 mph @1500 rpm
Transaxle lubricant Synergyn-Syngear II 85-140 weight pure synthetic lubricant
Clutch Kennedy Engineering 9..5″ 3-disk clutch, rated to 2000 hp

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