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MacBook Pro 2013 vs MacBook Air with Haswell chip

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

MacBook Air Haswell vs MacBook Pro 2013

Both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are great laptop. The Air being more lightweight, striking a balance between portability and performance. The Pro is a professional machine with more powerful specs and features, performing better at gaming and graphics work.

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iMac and MacBook Pro powered by Haswell chip coming in 2013

Haswell-Based iMac and MacBook Pro

Haswell-based MacBook Pro and iMac release date 2013


Haswell-based MacBook Pro and iMac release date 2013-02


There are alot of rumors regarding the iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C to be announced on September 10. RumorsCity reports that the MacBook Pro powered with Haswell chip might be announced on the same day.

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