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How do i know if my gmail is being hacked?

How do I know is my Gmail being hacked ?

I just received spam message from my friend, the spam would look like the image below.

Gmail Hacked

Gmail Hacked 2

Normally sending this kind of message, the email account should be hacked. Please contact your friend that his/her account has been hacked and please change the password as soon as possible.
Normally hacker won’t change the password, because they are trying to not let you know your account is being hacked, and try to retreive all the important informations of yours before you terminate all the things, like bank account, credit card information, paypal, or all other important informations.

So, where to check that and how to know that your Gmail is being hacked.

1. Login to your Gmail account.
2. Drag to the bottom of the page.
3. You will see like the image below.
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Gmail Details
4. Click the ‘detail’.
5. It will pop up the browser and the image like below.
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Gmail Activity
6. Check whether the IP was login from other contries or different of your ISP.
7. If you found unexpected IP address that has been login into your account, I’m sure your account has been hacked and has been accessed by hacker.

To solve this, please change your password immediately, and please do not forget to change all the other password.
Why ? Because those hacker has retreive most of your information data, maybe accessed to your other account, email, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Game ID, bank account.
Change to secure password that have alpha-digit combination password with at least 8 characters long.

Install newest Antivirus software and do scan your whole PC, I install AVIRA , make sure the virus defination database is up-to-date.

Please share to your friends, and inform them check often the security and wish you change the password before the hacker change your password.

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