How to remove 20mb limit on ipad 2 ?

How to remove 20mb limit on ipad 2 for Free ?
Remove 20 MB Download Limit on iPhone.
Bypass iPad 3G 20MB data limit.
How To Remove 3G Limits for Applications.
how to remove 20mb limit on iphone.
3G Unrestricotr alternative

Apple Ipad 2 has limited to 20MB download if you are not using Wifi. Many games or Apps size larger than 20MB, so you won’t be able to download when you don’t have wifi.
Here is the way to remove the 20MB limit.
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You no need to use Mac or PC to finish it.

Open your Ipad Safari, enter to the website
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Run the Jailbreak if you haven’t done.

After install the Cydia, you can see the icon on your screen, maybe on the last page.

Launch the Cydia and search for the Apps called “3G Unrestricotr“, then install it.

After installed and launch it.

Select iTunes Store and App Store as Unrestricted Applications.

If you want to view unlimited video, you can add them to Unrestricted Applications too.

If you don’t want to use 3G Unrestrictor, that’s another apps called My3G.

It can be download in Cydia too.


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