Doors and Rooms Chapter 4 Cheats

Doors and Rooms Chapter 4 Claustrophobia Solutions

Last updated on January 21st, 2013 at 04:35 am

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Doors & Rooms Level 4-5

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Doors and Rooms Claustrophobia Level 4-5

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17 thoughts on “Doors and Rooms Chapter 4 Claustrophobia Solutions”

  1. we have to add the number of lines and teeth of the gear right? howcome it is the black one that fits? 14 gear teeth and 12 lines is 26?

  2. You know how you had to hammer the rod before being able to use it to get the black gear down? You made one end of the rod hexagonal-shaped. Hexagons have six sides. Understand , sort of ?

  3. The simple solution is: the graves are stamped with a time and if you see the position of skeleton the hands depicts the short hand of the clock and the legs the long hand. Rest you can figure it out

  4. Light the candle… where did the 8/16 come from… i know where the 5/12 came from… that is the point of the sos?

  5. Yoda 82: H is the 8th letter in the alphabet E is the 5th L is the 12th and P the 16th that makes the code for the lock

  6. Black gear was in the ceiling which is has hexagon (6 side) in the middle, so we can put it on the right. Next, the clue said GREEN, we can combine the yellow gear with the blue gear bcoz if we combine yellow colour and blue colour we will have a green colour, rite? The last, we can add the lines of the gears. We have to add the lines of the black gear (which is has 12 lines) with the other gears so we will have 18 lines(12+X=18; X=6) so we have to find the gear which is has 6 lines and the answer is the red one ;)

  7. dfgsdfhs gsgfd

    SOS is just getting you to put the H E L P letteres in the proper order. The numbers come from where the letters fall in the alphabet. So H is the 8th letter in the alphabet and so on.

  8. I found much of this sorta easy, but I thought I put the first time in correctly, but since it didn’t seem to work…? Help, please. Little more of a hint, please. Small hint, if possible.

  9. I mean I found most other levels easy. Still can’t get I feel that it SHOULD be easy. Perhaps my brain is tired.

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