D-Link DSL-2640T too hot and hang problem solution with cooling fan.

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:50 am

Modem getting too hot ?
Modem not responding ?

My D-Link DSL-2640T ADSL Modem Router keep getting hang and not response always while downloading BT or open over night.
I found out that the chip inside is very hot. So I have to solve it without buy another new modem. Because other brand of ADSL modem not support in my area, I did buy the Belkin N150 ADSL modem Router with wifi, not support in my area. So, I have to modify the old modem.
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I take out the fan from my old Cooling Master Cooling NotePad, that’s using USB Power. I’ve been not using it for 2 years and I do not have any laptop now. And, I use my old Sony Ericsson Charger that power 5V and 450mA to power that fan.

I dig a hold on the top of the modem, then can let the fresh/cold air in to the modem to make the temperature down.
I’ve tried to on my modem for few weeks 24 hours with maximum download using BT and without problem until now.

If you found any of your modem have similar problem to hang or not responding, you could try this in home. No need to buy a new one.