CAPTCHA token file is missing

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:39 am

After you install the SI Contact Form WP plugin, you may face this error while sending the form.

There is a problem with the directory /captcha-secureimage/captcha-temp/. The directory is not found, a permissions problem may have prevented this directory from being created. Fixing the actual problem is recommended, but you can uncheck this setting on the contact form options page: "Use CAPTCHA without PHP session" and the captcha will work this way just fine (as long as PHP sessions are working).
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So, here is the solution for it.
goto your domain path by ssh or ftp
make the directory captcha-temp/
and make the permission to 777 for the directory captcha-temp/

Try to click the link
inside the Plugins –> SI Contact Form Option –> Test if your PHP installation will support the CAPTCHA

All should me OK in the test page.
Then try to send to your email yourself from the form, make sure it is working.

CAPTCHA PHP Requirements Test

This script will test your PHP installation to see if (Securimage) CAPTCHA will run on your server. Make sure to perform all 3 tests using the links below.

Note: If you see any errors or warnings at the top of the page
Click for Help!
PHP Version: 5.2.14
System: Linux
GD Support: Yes!
GD Version: bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
TTF Support (FreeType): Yes!
imagettftext Support: Yes!
imagettfbbox Support: Yes!
imagecreatetruecolor Support: Yes!
imagefilledrectangle Support: Yes!
imagecolorallocatealpha Support: Yes!
JPEG Support: Yes!
PNG Support: Yes!
GIF Read Support: Yes!
GIF Create Support: Yes!
Directory /captcha-temp/ OK - Writable 0777
Since you can see this...

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Try the PHP Requirements Test again
Try the Cookie Test
Try the CAPTCHA Test
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