Why Mappress not show in my wordpress ?

Why MapPress not show in my wordpress ?
I’ve set Automatic map display, but why the map not display ?

MapPress is a very good WordPress plugin that to display Map. It do not need any API and easy to use.
I used a lot in my another website

You can download the MapPress from here or download and install directly from WordPress plugin.
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The first time I use the MapPress, I just enable the
Automatic map display
in the setting page of the MapPress, and set every map for the post then the map will display automatically. But today I found that the map do not display in every page of my post, I thought that it may conflict with other plugin, I tried to disable some of the plugin, but it still won’t display.

So, I’ve found a solution to display the map is, click the ‘insert into post’
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So, the map display again. It may conflict to other plugin or what that I’m sure, but I’m sure by insert manually the map should be display again properly.

Just share this if this help you.


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