Canon 7D Canon 60D

The Power of the Sun

They used 18 Canon’s 7d’s and 6 Canon 60d’s to capture this video in Studio ICV Pleasanton CA.

Here is their text speech in the video.
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The GE show present The Power of the Sun.
Our sun is made of primarily: 71% hydrogen and 21% of helium
Which we used in the studio along with 24 cameras and 20 weather balloons to make our: PORTRAITS OF THE SUN.
Our fusion driven sun generates 61 megawatts/m2. Millions of times more powerful than our weather balloons.
How can we capture that energy ?
100 miles squared of GE's solar panels would capture enough of the sun's energy to power the entire US.

Canon 7D Canon 60D
The sun. It gives us heat, light, food and the air we breathe. But have you ever thought about just how powerful it really is or the potential scale of what it can do for us? GE is turning the world’s oldest energy resource into its newest one through their latest solar panel innovation. Watch and find out how much energy the sun can produce and what it means for our future.
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