china magic disk

China Magic Disk

China Magic Disk, It is very cheap price and when you check in their shop, it detected as 500GB or 1TB, but when you bring it to home, after format again, it display 128MB only. That’s why everybody saying “You Get What You Pay For”. So, better buy in trustable shop or website, don’t greedy for those cheap products in some websites or some shops.

How to make the scam hard disk ? Here is the tools that they need.

  • 128 MB USB thumdrive
  • Hardisk Cover

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  • Two big screw nut
  • Professional printed packaging
  • USB to SATA converter

china magic disk
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Why they need the two big screw nut ? Because they want to make the weight almost same like original hard disk drive.
How to display the fake file size ?
They use some partition software to make display cheat demo while in the shop.
So, please let your friend know, what should buy and what shouldn’t. Don’t get cheated.


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