What happen if my battery overcharged ?

Battery is around in our life everyday. Make sure that your battery isn’t overcharged, it may explore anytime.

Here are those videos that show up battery overcharged.

NOTE: Don’t use water to douse a LiPo flame. It might explode again. Unless you want it to explode again, then douse away but be careful!

We explode a lithium polymer battery (2000mAh, 11.1V) by connecting it to a wall outlet. The battery was used for RC airplanes but was damaged during a crash.

Overload of an siemens handy liion battery. It took 10min with 1A, 5min with 2A and 4:30 with 5A to finish the experiment.

The LiPo is an extremely hazardous battery if mishandled. Watch what happens when I overcharge one at the end! Please pay attention to the warnings for this type of battery!

Burning out 3 x D-cells via a low voltage, high current power transformer and a variac. The test current varies between 22 and 34 Ampères at 8 to 16 Volts 50 Hz.
It took about 5 minutes but I have edited the boring part out.

Biggest problem was during the experiment to maintain good contact while the cells build up pressure.

I have built a better rig now and more tests will follow soon on Youtube.

Make sure do not try this experiment in home !!

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