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Snap :: Central Festival Pattaya 2011 June

Last updated on July 26th, 2011 at 03:05 am

Snap – Central Festival Pattaya 2011 June

Central festival in Pattaya is a great shopping mall, is in a great location between Beach road and 2nd road, and has just about anything to fulfill your shopping needs. There seem to be people complaining about increased traffic back ups on Beach Road but I believe most locals and expats are happy about the mall. If nothing else it makes a great place for a walk in an air conditioned area. The mall is very spacious and I believe many expats are using it for their daily “stroll in the park”.

Central Festival in Pattaya opened on 23rd January 2009. The day when Pattaya also had their first International Mardi Gras, also called electric carnival parade. The Mardi Gras was a success and was enjoyed by many locals and Pattaya Visitors and was organised by Pattaya City Hall in partnership with TAT and private business sectors.
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