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How to install paid apps for free on TouchPad ?

How to install paid apps for free on TouchPad ?
How to root HP TouchPad ?
How to install cracked apps for HP TouchPad ?

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HP TouchPad
Many of you sure grap the $99 for the HP TouchPad, and now you are looking for the free paid apps for this device.
Here is the step to install paid apps for free.

Turn on the DEVELOPER MODE in the HP TouchPad
goto Just Type, and type in “webos20090606” without the quotes or “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” without the quotes.
Either one of the above will prompt the search for the DEVELOPER MODE.

Turn it on, and you will enter to DEVELOPER MODE.

If it request for the password, just press the submit.

Use the webOS Quick Install, select the feeds application, then select Preware.

and the Preware installed.

If you do not have webOS Quick Install, you may download from here.


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After install the Preware, you can install many apps for free from there.

Apps Section

Games Section

HP TouchPad App & Games in HD

Request for .ipk files apps or games.


1 thought on “How to install paid apps for free on TouchPad ?”

  1. The author has obviously never done this themselves. If he had, then he would have known that installing Preware does NOT give you access to ANY paid apps. Yes, you can use it to install pirated IPKs, but Preware doesn’t give you access to them, it can only install them. The way this article was written, you would think that Preware is a black market app store. It isn’t. It is simply an alternative to the default App Catalog that has support for custom repositories (excluding the official Palm/HP repository). The repositories used in Preware are legal homebrew repositories, and it (depending on how you look at it) is an insult to Preware’s developer to suggest that its purpose is piracy.

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