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Why Adsense not show after upgrade Atahualpa in WordPress ?

Why Adsense not show after upgrade Atahualpa in WordPress ?

Everytime you upgrade the Atahualpa Themes in WordPress you may face this problem. Actually the problem is in the CSS: Compress.
You just need to disable the CSS: Compress then all will be fine. You may see some buggy on your wordpress page if you enable it.

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To solve this problem, you just need login to your wordpress admin . . .

Then goto Atahualpa Theme Options inside the Appearance,
Then scroll to the bottom, click on
Configure CSS & JS that below CSS & Javascript
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Then you will see the

CSS: Compress?
By choosing to compress the CSS you’ll end up with an additional file size of ~7 Kbyte IF you have mod_deflate or gzip running on your server. CSS file sizes: No Atahualpa Compression / No Gzip: ~ 60-70 KByte. With Atahualpa Compression: ~ 35 KByte. With Atahualpa Compression plus Gzip/mod_defalte: ~ 7 KByte.
Default: Yes

The Default is Yes, you just change to No, then SAVE changes.

Then your WordPress will get back into normal.

You can follow the image that i upload.
atahualpa wordpress

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  1. I have been trying to fix my google ads on WordPress for 2 months and tearing my hair out. It never occured to me that it was a theme problem. Your solution is the one that finally worked! Thank you, thank you!!!

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