AVTech CCTV Open Cover

AVTech CCTV Open Cover

You can find AVTech from their official website.

It is building using not expensive electric board and hardware, but it works. That’s why they can do such mass production. If you would like to upgrade the storage, you can just buy a larger size hard disk drive like 1TB to replace after the warranty expired.

Full View
ISO 280 f/2 1/60sec

Old time

It is very difficult to make a running CCTV many years ago, we need CCTV PCI card slot into PC motherboard and install their buggy software to run the CCTV. Now days they just run within these hardware, without fast processor, without CPU fan, or any fan, then can run up to 4 cameras and high capacity recorded storage.


I’ve been running this device for more than 4 years without any big problem other than camera hits by storm. It use low power supply, so I plug with my UPS can run up more than an hour. These whole set cost me around USD 750 few years ago. I can say that it is very worth.

Western Digital Hard Disk
ISO 110 f/2 1/60sec

Front Menu
ISO 220 f/2 1/60sec

ISO 250 f/2 1/60sec


Cable and board without fan.
ISO 250 f/2 1/60sec

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