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FaceTime Activation An Error occurred during activation. Try Again. While using Wifi

FaceTime Activation An Error occurred during activation. Try Again.

Many people using iPad with wireless internet connection, able to download game in App Store, able to surf the web using using Safari. But while open the FaceTime for sign in, the iPad prompt out this message.

FaceTime Activation An Error occurred during activation. Try Again.

DNS Problem

This problem mostly cause by the DNS. iOS will get the DNS directly from the wireless router. Some wireless router cannot resolve the DNS, and it will prompt out the error.

Solve the problem

To solve this problem, you can follow the print screen below to change the wifi default DNS to Google’s DNS or or maybe you can use other ISP DNS in your country.

  • In the main screen, Settings …
  • General …
  • Network …
  • Wi-Fi … Tab the small right arrow …
  • DNS … Tab once and change to
  • Then try to re-login your Facetime or other Apps.




14 thoughts on “FaceTime Activation An Error occurred during activation. Try Again. While using Wifi”

  1. Thank you. I had no idea what changing the dns was and your step by step really helped. Now FaceTime works!

  2. thenk you soooooo much.. i was struggling to fiind the solution on apples website but when i came to this one, it was as plain as day.. thanks again…:) it was a real lifesaver.

  3. I am having the same problem with my new iPad. Just purchased it today and have tried to change my DNS to It still is not working. This is my only apple product. Any other suggestions???

  4. Same issue. Just purchased today and error. Tried DNS change and still did not work. 3 other older iPads were set up and worked in the house

  5. Getting the “error occurred during activation” message as well for iMessage and Facetime. Tried the DNS fix, tried resetting the time, tried a restore, changed my AppleID password. Anyone finally break the code on this? Please advise. Thank you.

  6. Perfect !! Thanks a lot .. solved the problem

    For me facetime was working on my mac book with the apple id .. but on iphone it kept giving me the same error message about activation .. changing the DNS worked like a charm :D

  7. try checking time and date settings. if time and date are out by more than a small margin it fails.

  8. I have just had the same problem as the others on this discussion. I was not keen to fiddle with the DNS settings as I am no techie wizzard. However, face time worked fine on my husband’s iPad. I went down settings on both iPads and discovered that the settings for Videos did not match. I put my Apple ID in for Home Sharing section, then went back to the Face Time settings and put my Apple ID into that section yet again. The first time I got a different message from all the previous attempts. This time it told me to check my wi fi settings. I tried a second time and, Hey Presto’, it worked. My husband and I have tested it with our iPads and we have both been able to face time each other from our respective devices. I also noticed that after I had altered the settings in the Videos section the little video recorder icon and phone icon appeared against contacts in my contacts list. They were not there before. I hope this info helps at least some of you who are having problems.

  9. Mousam Samanta

    Just Bunk everything which you will get from all these type websites. Nothing gonna work . I was suffering with this FACETIME ACTIVATION ERROR for my iPad Mini 2 from last 1 year, and tried all steps but the problem was same.

    Don’t worry.
    Just call APPLE ONLINE SUPPORT.Tell them your problem and they will ask to RESET, RESTORE,APPLE ID CHANGE ETC. I’m sure these steps will not work ( didn’t work for me from last 1 year until i called apple support).
    They will reset your apple i’d and after 24 hours,it will start working.
    ( Once again I am telling, Its my practical experience) .
    Thanks to Swati-Apple Customer support executive.

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